Karen S. Chow has been writing fiction since her sophomore year in college, when she and her good friend were guided by The Weekend Novelist. Since then, she has discovered a love for writing middle grade and young adult fiction. In her spare time, she concentrates on her many passions, including reading, baking, and teaching her children to appreciate music and art. Karen lives with her husband and three children in Arizona.

The slightly longer bio:
In 2000, Karen was a sophomore at Arizona State University, and her good friend asked her if she was interested in writing. Her friend had received The Weekend Novelist (a book about writing a novel in one year) and wanted a writing companion. Karen eagerly agreed and both of them began studying the exercises in the how-to book, through character sketches, describing setting, and developing plot. Though Karen's first novel was not the "next great American novel", it sparked a passion within her that she didn't know was there. She suddenly found herself writing during her spare time, even writing during her classes. She believes that this gift was God-given, to balance her technical studies with something creative.

During November 2008, she wrote The Prophecy Box for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and self-published it (it is now out of print). She continues to participate in NaNoWriMo every year.

Karen is a full-time engineer by day (and has her B.S. in Electrical Engineering), and a novelist by night.