Books & Stories

Dumplings for Dinner - My mother taught me her famous dumpling recipe, which became comfort food for my family, even in the face of my father's death. Includes recipe.

Stinky Tofu (on the blog) - Travel back to my childhood and simmer in a stinky summer!

Marching On (on the blog) - Are you a band geek?  I was!

First Memories (on the blog) - A series of seven memory snippets from my childhood in Kansas.

I Probability Like You (on the blog) - Your first crush is always the most memorable.

The Prophecy Box (out of print) - (under Karen Chow) - Based on the Grimms' fairy tale, "The Old Woman in the Wood", The Prophecy Box follows Camilla, a headstrong sixteen-year-old girl, who longs for a life beyond that of a simple commoner. She decides to unearth the origin of her prophecy box, which constantly pips, "The kingdom will be paralyzed" and nothing else.