Welcome to the official site of Karen S. Chow!

* I have officially quit my blog...for now. You can follow me on Twitter @KChowrites.
* I have a literary agent! She is Andrea Cascardi of Transatlantic Agency.
* My middle-grade contemporary novel is on submission with editors (the one I wrote during NaNoWriMo 2016), about a girl whose father has passed away from cancer (just like mine).
* I'm also a contributor to the MG@Heart Book Club, a monthly newsletter that highlights new middle-grade novels with a touch of magic and a lot of heart.
* (And because the superstitious Chinese in me tells me I can't end with four points) The Pitch Wars mentoring program submission window opens soon: August 27, 2018! I wouldn't even have an agent without #PitchWars and my invaluable mentors Cindy Baldwin and Amanda Rawson Hill.