The 3 Cs of Primetime TV

We don’t have cable and I don’t think we’ll be getting it anytime soon. We are too preoccupied with the shows in network TV already, not to mention the love affair my husband has with PBS. It is pretty bad, but the precious time we don’t spend in front of a computer screen (writing, e-mailing, surfing the web), we watch TV.

We go back and forth from extreme to extreme, debating whether we should ditch the whole TV thing altogether. But, YES to TV has always won out.

So far, we’re obsessed with three main shows: Castle, Chuck, and Community.

Castle is just silly drama plus crime scene investigation, which I love (originating from CSI). Sometimes the crime isn’t very believable (I’ve spotted a few plot holes here and there), but it’s entertaining all the same. Plus, we both really like Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame.

Chuck is plain silly. We like that he is the nerd, yet he has even nerdier friends and co-workers at the Buy More. (Every time we walk into a Best Buy, I can’t help but think of Chuck.) Plus, Adam Baldwin, also of Firefly fame, is in the show as grunting Casey…sense a theme here?

Community makes me laugh out loud. It’s the kind of show that was surprising to me, in the way that it was actually pretty good. It’s half an hour, sweet and sour. And I like the ensemble comedy cast. I think Danny Pudi’s character, Abed, is my favorite. He’s weird.

Of course, I watch other shows, too, but these are the shows my husband and I watch together.

What shows are you watching these days?

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