Dear Mr. Snow Bird...

Dear Mr. Snow Bird*,

I know it's a difficult world out there...one where you have to adjust from windy country roads in the Midwest to the helter skelter grid-system of city life in the Valley of Arizona.

Where, in only the short span of a couple months (November-February), you have to learn--or relearn--how to navigate the Arizona roads, in which we operate on very strict rules and drive *gasp* the ungodly speed of 45 miles per hour. Where impatient Arizona motorists, in a frenzy to reach home during the evening rush hour, will whiz right past your Cadillac because you are driving WAY below the speed limit...and you brake at the oddest times--like when you're 400 meters from the stop light and no one is in front of you. Where you find it hard to see the road signs in the setting Arizona sun, in the darkening sky, in the dusky road conditions, which makes you slow down even more to see the intersection as you mosey past it.

And I can understand that you may possibly have hearing loss or some kind of hearing impairment...due to the fact that you can completely ignore any type of honking. You probably come from a place where people are more gracious and let you do your own thing, even if it is against normal traffic laws.

But when you're stopped at an intersection...and NOT in a left-hand turn lane...and the light turns green, please PLEASE do not try to turn left. It is too late to get into the left-hand turn lane.

You caused a huge traffic jam and made this motorist *waves* miss two lights...and caused her to become super angry to the point where she wanted to flip you off.

Don't do this again.

Sincerely, Karen
p.s. Before I see you again, you may want to look up the term "U-turn."

*A snow bird is an elderly person who makes his/her way to Arizona just for the winter because the winters up north are too harsh.

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