Master of Procrastination?

On Monday night, my husband and I went out to run some errands and, when we got home, we realized that all of the other houses in our neighborhood had either 1) taken down their Christmas lights or 2) they no longer turned on their Christmas lights.

Then, we got to our house, where the lights are on a timer and we hadn't changed the settings. So, they sat, brightly lit and happy, making our house seem like it is a late bloomer because it is the only one on the street with lights twinkling on the front windows. (Should I mention that our tree is still up?)

Anyway, it just reminded me that when it comes to decorating our house, I am extremely lazy. Should I tell you that last year our tree stayed up until June?...when we were forced to take it down because we were expecting company? hahahaha.

Am I the Master of Procrastination? Maybe. ;)

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