A Night of Piano Music: Lang Lang


Last Thursday, my family decided to go see the amazing child prodigy piano player from China: Lang Lang. (Though he's 27 now, but he's still considered a musical genius.)

I used to play the piano and took lessons for many years (ahem, twelve). And while I don't get around to playing myself anymore, I still really appreciate live piano concerts. There is something about getting gussied up and going to the theater to hear a live performance. It's different from going to the movies. You get to see a real person perform. You get to see his natural expression, his passion, his little quirks that make him unique.
Lang Lang was amazing. He trips over the keys effortlessly, even a bit teasingly...even on those ridiculously hard Chopin numbers. And he acts so humbly that I felt like we could have been friends in another life.
I know going to concerts is expensive, but I encourage you to go. If you've never been, you're missing out! It's enjoyment.

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