The Help (book and movie)

Tonight, I'm going to see the movie The Help with a bunch of my best girl friends. Mom's Night Out (for all of us)! So excited! I've been anxiously waiting for this movie for months. I read the book a couple years ago on the recommendation of my pastor's wife and loved it; then read it again recently in anticipation of the movie and loved it even more.

The narration of the book is told from 3 perspectives: Aibileen (a house maid who only takes care of white children until they learn about segragation), Minnie (a house maid with a mouth and an arsenal of recipes), and Skeeter (a post-grad who wants to see change in Jackson, Mississippi). I loved the concept of switching perspectives and Kathryn Stockett did it well.

It's like the critics say, the book is like a To Kill a Mockingbird written in the 21st century.

Ms. Stockett is also kind of an inspiration because she never gave up selling this book! 60 rejections and 5 years before she found a publishing agent! Truly someone to emulate. :)

There has been some criticism of the fact that black women don't need a white woman's voice to make a point about equality. And to some extent, I agree with them. But at the same time, how can you not appreciate such literature? It's beautiful.

Anyway, here's the movie trailer...I can't wait!

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