Play a Game or Two


Want a way to waste time? Get onto the Big Fish Games website!

I don't remember when I first discovered Big Fish Games...it was a few years ago. And it has sucked up my time. Seriously. You can sit in front of the computer for hours! lol. You can download any game (except big file) and try it out for an hour. Most of the graphics aren't too taxing on your computer (unlike gamers' Call of Duty or Halo) and you can delete the game files once you're done. Your possibilities are limitless.

And then, if you like a game enough to buy it, it only costs about $5, especially if you wait for the sales. Good deal, huh?

Big Fish Games has categories for their different types of games: Hidden Object, Adventure, Match 3, Time Management, Strategy...just to name a few. My favorites are Adventure games...they have a story and usually some puzzles and brain teasers mixed in. It's fun stuff.

Anyway, I discovered PLANT vs. ZOMBIES awhile ago, and it won some sort of award! Go figure!

It's all very addicting. So, now when you hear me commenting about how behind I am on writing...this is probably the reason.

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