Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!  Gong-xi-fa-tsai!  (That's spelled wrong somehow, but it's pronounced correctly.)

This year is the first year my husband and I are handing out a red envelope.  And it will be for our daughter Emma.  :)

Traditionally, grownups (people with children) are the only ones handing out red envelopes.  In very traditional families, the grownups hand out red envelopes to all the children in their extended family, too. The denomination of money inside should be an even value (divisible by 2) and are good luck!

So what does the Year of the Dragon mean?  The dragon brings good fortune, so it's a good time to start new projects...financial and personal.  There are four dragon blessings this year: wealth, virtue, harmony, and longevity.  The Year of the Dragon is the most special of all the years, since it is the only mythical being on the Chinese zodiac.  It's a year of big ups and downs. If we succeed, we succeed grandly.  If we fail, we fail miserably.  So, be bold.  After all, the dragon will make sure of it.  :)

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