TGIF!!! & Downton Abbey

This whole week, I found myself thinking back to the PBS Masterpiece Classic series Downtown Abbey (the first two episodes of the 2nd season are available to view here).  If you haven't seen this upstairs/downstairs period drama, check it out!  It is so good.  Good writing, good stories, good acting.

The third episode is airing Sunday night at 8pm.  :)

My husband and I are obsessed with everything PBS.  I love Arthur.  We love Masterpiece Mystery.  We're always putting Eight Life (formerly known as Eight Create) on in the background...Lydia's Italy, Simply Ming, Jacques & Julia, Rick Steves...love them all.  My baby is going to grow up watching educational TV.  haha.

Weekly progress update: pretty dull.  I've been editing a chapter I submitted to my writer's group two Mondays ago.  I'm hoping next week will be better in terms of writing new stuff.

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