TGIF! & Titanic

Miss your Downton Abbey weekly fix?  Do you find yourself imagining a happy ending for Bates and Anna?  Or contemplating writing some fan fiction?  Well, to keep yourself out of the Downton slump...  

Titanic, a new series by Downton creator Julian Fellowes, is coming to PBS Masterpiece Classic this Sunday!

So exciting!  :)  Hopefully, it'll be a new series to obsess over.  ha.

EDITED TO ADD: So, it wasn't on PBS, it was on ABC.  You can find the episodes at abc.com.  :)

Weekly writing progress: Finally I feel like I've made some progress.  I've finished outlining Part 2 and have started adding to and editing Part 2.  Also will be editing chapter 1 a little bit more.  Everything is coming together.  Yay!  (I've also made a goal of August to finish this book!  Then, I'll spend a month or two editing and I'll put it away.  I want to write about some other ideas!)


  1. Hoping this makes it to netflix since I'm not home Sunday nights and channel 8 doesn't really come in usually anyway. But I do love my Downton Abbey and of course Titanic! You know how we went on a cruise for my parent's 50th? Well, we just realized that they got married 50 years to the day after Titanic sank. Weird, huh?

    1. Christy, pbs.org usually has the episodes online for a few weeks after it airs (like hulu). That is weird that your parents were married exactly on the day 50 years ago...almost creepy. ha. Thanks for commenting!