TGIF & Bunheads

Have you heard of Bunheads?  It's the newest TV show created by Amy Sherman-Palladino (creator of Gilmore Girls).

Basically, the plot follows Michelle, who is a Vegas showdancer but has all the proper training for a professional ballet dancer.  She made a few bad life decisions, and now she doesn't like where she is in life.  She has a drunken night and marries her stalker, who is creepy at first but sweet in the end.  He takes her to his hometown, called Paradise--seriously--and introduces Michelle to his mother (played by Mrs. Gilmore herself!).  The mother runs a ballet academy out of her own studio, where four young ballerinas take classes.

If you liked Gilmore, you'll like this.  I watched the pilot and was quite impressed.  It has the snappy, witty dialogue of Gilmore, and I really like Sutton Foster (who plays Michelle).  She pulls off Michelle's sarcasm with a lot of heart.

Anyway, here's the trailer.  Check out the series on Hulu (or ABC Family) and let me know what you think!  :)

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