TGIF & Pixar's Heroines

With the release of Pixar's Brave last weekend, a new heroine (Merida) officially joins the Disney princesses.  I love that Pixar finally made a movie all about a strong heroine.  And I love the color of her dress!  Go into the Disney Store and look at it...it's this gorgeous teal/ocean green-blue color.

Anyway, one of my favorite websites (Television Without Pity) made a slideshow of the best and worst Pixar female characters.  Do you agree?

* Elastigirl from The Incredibles
* Jessie from Toy Story 2 & 3
* EVE from Wall-E
* Dory from Finding Nemo
* Ellie from Up
* Boo from Monsters, Inc.
* Atta from A Bug's Life
* Bo Peep from Toy Story 1 & 2
* Holley Shiftwell from Cars 2
* Collete from Ratatouille
* Sally Carrera from Cars

I disagree with their assessment of Collete from Ratatouille.  I don't think she's stupid for tossing the rules.  It shows that she can believe in something that she wasn't brought up to know.  It's brave to go against traditional thinking.  Also, I actually really like Ratatouille.  It's my go-to movie when I want something light in the background.  Maybe it's the music? 

What about you?  Do you agree with the list?  Is there any other female character that you love that TWoP missed?

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