TGIF & Switched at Birth

Missing Bunheads on ABC Family?  Here's another show to keep you occupied until all of the regular TV goes back on the air: Switched at Birth.

Entertainment Weekly says there was a lot of drama with renewal, but it is!!! It's a really good teen drama show...much much better than Glee or ABC Family's other teen drama show The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

It's about two girls who aren't related to each other, who were switched families in the hospital when they were born.  Bay (the brunette) is a rebel, who grew up with a traditional family (her mom is played by Lea Thompson).  Her father played baseball, so she has been a little spoiled.  Daphne (the red-head) is a good girl who grew up with a struggling single mom.  She's also deaf, due to a bout with meningitis at 3 years old.

I love the dimension of drama added by the fact that Daphne is deaf.  They really highlight the challenges she has to overcome.  They show the family learning ASL (American sign language).  Marlee Matlin is a recurring guest star.  It's pretty awesome.

Good quality drama.  And they're airing the last 10 episodes of Season 1 right now.  :)  Check it out!

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