A Brief Hiatus

I seemed to have totally lost my time the last two weeks.  I am so sorry for not warning you all.

Things are just a bit hectic at work and I've been writing up a storm (sticking to my one chapter per week schedule).  Blogging has fallen to the wayside.

I will continue with the Grammar Lessons and TGIFs on October 8th.

Meanwhile, Happy Fall!  And enjoy all of the pumpkin-flavored food that is now in stores.  :)

And if you're totally bored...start plotting for National Novel Writing Month, aka. NaNoWriMo, aka. the funnest/scariest/craziest/burn-you-out/psych-you-up/creativity-fest coming up November 1st!   (I skipped out last year, but I'm all for it this November 2012!)  EEEE!  Exciting!

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