TGIF & #HeForShe

It is no secret that I love the Harry Potter series. And then, when the movies came out, I totally wanted to be Emma Watson. I even had a dream or two about meeting her (and that I was her friend, but that is definitely a fantasy!). I had my reservations about the changes she made to Hermione on the screen, but I still thought she was such a classy person. She encouraged covering up! She has a great sense of humor! And she graduated from college!

And now, she is a spokesperson for UN Women. She started a new campaign called HeForShe, which encourages gender equality for both men and women.

When I heard her speech, I felt proud of her. She is using her celebrity to do good in this world. I admire that. Her speech wasn't perfect, but she made some good points. I'm a feminist who hates the word feminist and don't use the word, but I am one all the same. I am all for power to the woman (and I try to create characters that are strong or grow to be strong).

Her speech made me think more about the gender stereotypes forced on men. Why can't a man express his love of the home and stay at home taking care of the kids (like my husband)? Why can't a man be sensitive and emotionally available? Why can't a man cry? God made men the way they are. Each one is unique, just like each woman is unique. If we strive to be "more complete version of [ourselves]", we can only benefit society.

I want to be a woman who encourages men to express themselves in all aspects, even their so-called feminine side. I want to be a person who loves people to allow them to be who they are. #HeForShe and #SheForHe.

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