What's in a name?

Last night's womens' figure skating was so awesome! I still can't believe that no one fell and I'm so happy that Yu-na Kim won the gold medal. She was under so much pressure and I feel like she really deserved to win. She jumps well, she flirts with the audience; what a performer!

I also like Mirai Nagasu. She's cute. And I like her name.

Which got me thinking about names. Whenever I hear of a name I like, I pair with my last name and ask, "Do I like it enough to name my son/daughter that?" I've done this since I was in college.

For names that I like but don't fit with my last name, I've created characters for them, that way they are "my children" in a weird way. :)

There's been a Megan (pronounced "mee-gan"), a Kylie, a Bethany, an Arianna, a Braden. I've recently come up with a few more names, now that I have a husband to veto my name choices. So, I'm trying to think of some new stories for them. I do tend to border on the old-fashioned. :P

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