ABNA contest: First Round results

I made it through the first cut!!! Which is totally cool because this was my goal. All that stress over my 300-word pitch paid off. Seriously, I think I went back to edit my submission about 7 times within the 2-week entry period. EEE! The Prophecy Box is on its way to being discovered! :)

Here is the full list of the 1,000 entries that made it through the first cut in the YA fiction category (alphabetical by last name with corresponding title). Congratulations to everyone!

So, what's next? 1,000 entries will be narrowed down to 250, judged by a panel of Amazon editors and reviewers. The second cut is based on the first 3 chapters of your book (or the first 5,000 words) and will be evaluated on the criteria of...
1) overall strength of the excerpt
2) prose/style
3) plot/hook
4) originality of the idea

Personally, I don't think my first 5,000 words reflect the best of the book. I think it's a little wordy and expository. But, it does introduce you to Camilla's world and of the fantasy adventure that Camilla and Anna embark upon.

Exciting!! The 2nd round cuts will be made on March 23.

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