Book Review: 3 Willows

I have to be honest, but I couldn't completely embrace 3 Willows by Ann Brashares. I really wanted to love this book, since I love her other Sisterhood books.

Maybe it was because this new sisterhood was younger (13 years old). Maybe because their friendship was too realistic (they weren't best friends forever). Or maybe because I never really connected with the characters (Ama the studious one, Jo the popular one, Polly the overweight one).

Ultimately, I thought that she capitalized on her Sisterhood fame. (There was a cameo by Lena.) And I think this book will still appeal to the YA crowd. It just doesn't have that same magic that the Sisterhood series did.

Other than that, there wasn't anything bad in it. Not a lot of swearing. No sex. Some kissing, yes. Pretty clean for YA.

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