Self improvement

Okay, two stories about my trials in self-improvement:

Story #1: I had my ears pierced when I was 21 and always wore earrings, because I feared they might close up. Well, about 6 months ago, I took them off one night and never put replacements in. Cue to last Friday, when I thought I'd try to look nice while I got ready for work. I did my hair, I put basic makeup on...and then, I tried to put in earrings. HOLY COW...it hurt so bad! It was like my worst fear came true...my earring holes had almost closed up.

They were red for most of the day. And I think my left ear is infected now.

Is there a moral of the story? Karen, wear earrings everyday.

Story #2: Remember how a few weeks back, I made a belated New Year's resolution to run for 5 minutes everyday? Well, that didn't happen until yesterday. I was doing fine until after today. I can't even stand without my legs wobbling something crazy. I feel like falling to the floor.

Get that, I've ran for the grand total of TWO DAYS and I'm already wanting to give up.

Moral of the story? Karen, don't be so ambitious.


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