ABNA: The Quarterfinals

Well, The Prophecy Box didn't make it through to the semi-finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Award. But, I made through to the quarter-finals, which was one step further than I thought I would go! So, there is definitely a silver lining to the gray cloud.

Upon reflection, there are a few things I learned about this experience:

1. Originality of plot is vital in the YA market. The majority of the 50 stories that moved on to the semi-final stage were very different than what is currently out there. Of course, I only read about 5 of those entries, but still...zombies as a sci-fi and a story within a writing assignment were two plots that I have NOT seen yet.

2. Too much exposition will break you. hahaha...this is HILARIOUS because I hate writing exposition! And yet, my excerpt was full of it. :( So, I must stick to my strengths.

3. No matter what the result (rejection or not), I still really enjoy writing. So I will continue until I am sick of it, which I hope is never.


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