I am obsessed with weddings

Okay, so that's a slight exaggeration, I'm not completely obsessed, as in I think about it every day, every waking moment of my life. I don't...and I'm happy I don't, since that year of my life is definitely over.
But still, I do admit I like looking at the pretty frilly things (like the hair pin flowers above from Handle & Spout) that are associated with the word "wedding." I like perusing Martha Stewart's Weddings magazine when I'm at the bookstore. I like reading the wedding blog, WeddingBee. I like looking at pretty wedding pictures, especially from her and her.
Maybe this is my way to "spend" money without actually spending money. LOL. I can imagine myself in these girls' places, wearing their jewelry, adorned head to toe in brand-name white, sporting their cute bold-color shoes, made up and primped to the nines.
Maybe I just have weddings on the mind, since I'm to be in one in June. ...it will be my 5th time as an honored bridesmaid...yes, crazy.

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