Searching for...a cute tote bag

I saw this cute little tote on a design blog I follow (OrangeBeautiful from Chicago).

Recently, OrangeBeautiful opened a new little shop and they had these bags from DrikaB (on Etsy) on display.

I'm always on the hunt for a cute tote bag...though most of the time I never buy. I admire people at the mall as they saunter fashionably by with their cute totes. I think totes are so versatile. Traveling abroad? Check. Taking a short weekend trip? Check. Heading out to meet your friends? Check. Going shopping? Check. Forgot to bring a non-disposable bag to the grocery? Check. Totes can even substitute as a baby bag (though it would need more compartments).

Anyway, these DrikaB bags are so adorably old fashioned with their fabrics and brown stitching that they remind me of the silly green carpet bag that Anne of Green Gables (the movie) carried on her way to meet Matthew Cuthbert. And yet, they're updated and hold a very fashionable and feminine shape.

Though on the expensive side, I would gladly pay the price for these handmade lovelies.

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