Getting fit

Remember earlier in the year when I made a few belated New Year's resolutions? Well, that plan when down the drain after a about a week and a half. hahaha.

My new plan to get some exercise in my life is this: the One Hundred Push-up Plan. So far, I'm on day 2 and it's going pretty well. As well as two day's worth of push-ups can feel. lol... It's a slow ramp-up with lots of rest breaks between sets, which is perfect for me, as one who is easily defeated.

The goal of the program is to train you to be able to do 100 pushups consecutively. While I'm not planning on doing this, I do think that this program will definitely hel with my lack of exercise, especially since I can do this at home in my room.

So far (again, only as far as 2 days of pushups can do), my arms and abs feel the soreness after each day and I can tell that doing this exercise is helping me strengthen my core muscles.

Ultimately, I'm hoping this will help my arms look stunning in this dress for my sister-in-law's wedding in mid-June.


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