Oh dear...

So, when I started this blog, I promised myself that I wouldn't stop writing in it. And it's been almost exactly 2 months and I've done exactly that. Shame on me.

I guess I owe you a reason (or reasons) why I haven't blogged for 2 months.

My list of excuses:
1) My sister-in-law got married on June 19. The preceeding month to the wedding was a whirlwind of craft projects, dress alterations, planning and participationg of bridal parties (shower and bachelorette), meeting my new brother-in-law's family, and all the wonderful, happy (but busy) stuff that comes with being a bridesmaid in a wedding.
proof that I was actually there... :P

2) My day job spiraled out of control. Seriously, I was working late nights for the whole month of June. It's called "lab testing." And it's finally coming to an end (in late July).

3) And my day job also spun out of control because, right after the wedding, my husband and I left for a 2-week vacation to Europe.
this was taken right outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Just imagine yourself trying to wrap up wedding stuff and then immediately switching gears to packing and readying your co-workers so that they can take over your work while you are on vacation. It was definitely a juggling act that I will never perform again.

However, now that I'm back into normalcy, I've picked up my sequel out of the dustbin and have began to seriously rewrite. My goal is to finish before NaNoWriMo hits in November. I know it's quite far away, but I think I need this hefty chunk of time.

Let's hope the rest of this year isn't too hectic. :)

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  1. welcome back! =)looks like you guys had a lotta fun!