What I Learned in Europe - Book Research - Part 4

Part of the reason why I was super excited to vacation to Europe was because I wanted to do research for my sequel...how old architecture looks in person and how the atmosphere of an old city feels. So, I wanted to start a series of posts about what I learned in Europe, concentrating on setting.

This is the inside of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It is old. It is beautiful. It emits a holy vibe that settles your nerves, your thoughts, your heart. ...even with people crowded in the vestry and pushing you along.

Apparently, choirs come to perform around lunchtime (11am) because we were privy to the holy music two days in a row. Such gorgeousness!

And the best part of all, the Notre Dame Cathedral doesn't charge admission. Free! The best kind of touring. :)

What sparked my interest: The way a place of holiness demands respect and emits a message of "keep quiet, I'm meditating." It's really kind of cool.

The challenge: Finding a place in the story to insert this awesome place. ;P

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