Mini Movie Review: Tangled

Last night, my husband and I went to see Tangled, the newest Disney princess movie based on the Grimms' fairy tale Rapunzel. I loved it! It has that old-time princess movie feel of Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid, with an updated heroine for our modern age. (She's fiesty and smart and doesn't need rescuing.) The movie took the basic story and twisted it Disney-style, added a happy ending, and whirling in fun songs (the great Alan Menken composed the score) and animal sidekicks and all that wonderful magic that the princess movies always have.
I think Disney (without Pixar) has finally moved past their great depression and produced a great princess movie that will be loved for a long time. A big improvement from Princess and the Frog (though I liked that...I just think Tangled is what I think about when you say Disney princess movie).

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