Knitting Mania!

I've put up the Christmas tree and the lights and it's really starting to feel festive and holiday-ish around the house. Which always puts me in the mood to think about Christmas gifts.

I'm a seasonal knitter. Meaning, I only knit when I feel the need to. LOL. It's mostly around the winter time, because who can think about wool when it's 100+ degrees outside?

I didn't knit any Christmas gifts last year, which made buying gifts all the more stressful. What do you buy for the family in your life who have careers and money they can spend already? So, this year, I'm getting a little more creative and am putting in the hours that make Christmas HOMEMADE. I have already started on a few projects...these are the pattern pictures (of course, I can't reveal the real things, since these are still wrapped and under the tree...but I hope you can appreciate the sneak peeks.)


And there are many more to come! :)

Now you know the REAL reason why Karen can't put her fingers to the keyboard and finish that sequel of hers! See...it's all about the distraction.

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