Supporting All Things Local

There's a movement (I think generated in the past decade) that highlights supporting your local businesses. I've slowly come to realize that this is a good idea. And I have moved even slower toward participating.

But, lately, my husband and I have been trying out the local.

We recently went to CIBO, an "urban pizzaria" in downtown Phoenix, on the recommendation of Check, Please! Arizona on PBS. Holy cow, so delicious! Not only do they buy their ingredients from local farms, but they also try to incorporate them in their unique menu. :) We're eager to try more independent restuarants! They have such flair.

I've also learned that spending a little bit more on your local business is a good thing. Especially, when you can get personable service! Like at my favorite yarn store in Tempe...and my favorite scrapbook store in Mesa. You can even find that you're supporting a struggling family-owned business at the dry cleaners.

I don't know why I didn't start shopping local before, but I think it's something that I will continue to do.

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