Reply All E-mail: Good or Bad?

Now that we have been fully immersed in the Age of Technology, I find myself annoyed at it once in a while.

The last bout of annoyance happened last week, when I was trying to finish up the last of my workday and I received a work-related praise e-mail. It was addressed to my whole group, naturally.

However, what proceeded to happen after the first e-mail was a slew of reply-all e-mails back and forth (there were 15 by the end of the e-mail chain) from certain members of my group, cracking jokes about who was going to the bar to celebrate and more jokes about who was going to pay.

While I didn't mind the humor, because it is needed in anyworkplace, I was quickly annoyed by the time the third extraneous e-mail cluttered my inbox. (We don't have the Gmail feature where all e-mails tied to one subject appear only once in your inbox.) And while deleting e-mails doesn't usually take too much time, it still wastes my time...especially when all I wanted to do was clock out and go home.

Have you had this happen to you? Does it annoy you?

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