Ring-less = happy-less?

So, apparently, the internet is all abuzz about Prince William choosing not to wear a wedding band after he marries Kate. I don't really care either way what he does (it's his choice), but it reminded me of a silly story.

When my husband was teaching junior high, he consistently wore his wedding band. And one day, he absentmindedly left it at home, which prompted some of the girl students to ask him, "Are you getting a divorce?" Silly girls.

Anyway, all of this ring talk makes me think about all of men I know who do or don't wear wedding rings. My dad didn't (because he lost his). And a lot of the men I work with don't either.

Is it just because they lost them or because they choose not to?

And why such a stink about Prince William not wearing one.

Does it mean that he'll be less happy in his marriage if he doesn't wear a ring? You decide.

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  1. My husband chooses not to wear a ring. He's learning to work on aircraft, and would rather not get electrocuted. All of his instructors advised the married men to take off their rings.