Back Into It

It's been a little over 7 weeks since the cutie above was born. So, the postpartum period is over and I am officially back to "normal," as normal can ever be with a new life to lord over (just kidding...I meant, to care for).

While the adjustment period between birth and 7 weeks was ridiculously hard, I think it has just made this new phase all the more precious. Dare I say that it helped me not get a depression?

Anyway, I'm just now getting back into the other love of my life: writing. While it has been difficult to transition gears, it has given me a new perspective about children. How beautiful they are! (Not that I didn't know that before.) I hope Jolene appears beautiful once I'm finished writing about her.

I was able to attend my first writer's group sans-baby and it was so comforting, refreshing, encouraging...reminding me of all the things I missed about writing and writer's groups.

During the group, one of the women presented a clip from a conference she attended, where author Robin Jones Gunn (of the Christy Miller series...which I love) spoke. Her closing remarks were wonderful. Here are her thoughts. I will remember them forever.

"When you write from the heart, it will touch the heart." (as opposed to writing for fame or whatever other motivation)

"You are set apart by God, so forgive, trust, and obey." (follow your calling and great things will come)

"The Lord will make you equal to the task." (so perservere)


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