Where I've been...

During my last giant blog break (though not completely planned), I have been taking care of this little one. :)

Yes, I gave birth to a swet baby girl in late May...and I can't believe she's already one month old.

It's definitely been a bumpy ride, dealing with breastfeeding problems, weight gain problems, getting her to sleep...and, of course, adjusting to having a baby in the house while recovering from labor & delivery. A huge change in perspective.

My life now revolves around hers...especially when she's hungry. I've noticed that the days go by so quickly. We're enjoying our reading time (right now it's Where the Mountain Meets the Moon) in the morning and all too soon, we're preparing for bed and the cycle repeats itself.

I'm slowly easing myself back into the writer's mentality...I do miss it: the quiet time, the creative process, my beloved characters, and going to writers groups to give and get support.

Things are looking up, so I hope blogging will become more regular and time for writing will open up soon. :)

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