101 goals for the next 1001 days

Have you heard of the Day Zero Project? Where you plan to do 101 things/goals in 1001 days? It's a pretty cool concept...along the lines of "where do you plan to be in five years?"...except it's much more concrete and spans half that time.

I first started the project in March of 2008 and then my list expired and I never began another list. So, in honor of my actual birthday day, I thought it would be smart to start another list. I'm a big fan of making lists. Here is just a snippet of what I've planned (all writing- or reading-related, of course):

Finish editing the Daisies book
Finish writing Odessa
Write a mystery with 13 chapters
Write 5 poems for my husband (0/5)
Write a children’s book and illustrate it
Find an agent
Get published the traditional way
Read at least 2 books a month for a year (0/24)
Read 5 books from the Newbery Award and Honor List (0/5)
Read 5 classics or popular old fiction (0/5)

And here is the full list here.
I found that I didn't have trouble making 101 goals because I used categories: Learning, Health & Fitness, Travel, Food, Entertainment, Writing/Editing, Reading, Spiritual Matters, House, Organization, Finances, Marriage & Family, For Others, and Miscellaneous. It's surprising how many tasks you can find for yourself. I'll remember to blog about my finished tasks as I complete them. :)

It does seem like a lot, though, so there are several suggestions on the website, if you're having trouble. I also know another blogger who kept 10-20 slots open for her to add to as the years passed.

The point is to make goals, even if you don't think you'll accomplish them. It's like from an athlete's point of view: It's having that bar raised and poised for you to reach it.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

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