Going Natural!


I know the topic of "going natural" is weird. This post is about a specific type of going natural: washable cloth diapers...in fact, washable anything!

At first, I was really doubtful about using washable diapers. I thought it would be like when my mom used them...those thick bumpy, wooly rectangular cloths that you safety pin on the sides. And then, one lady I knew told me that she used cloth diapers and showed me a few of hers.

With society going back to nature (with food, with fabrics, with supporting the local), the business of cloth diapering has really improved since 30 years ago. Cloth diapers have so many varieties now: all-in-ones, one size, pockets, hybrids, pre-folds with waterproof covers. And so many colors and patterns, it's almost fashionable to be a cloth diapered baby! :)

I bought all of my cloth diapers from GoGo Natural, a business by Meredith Abney of Chandler, AZ (support the local!). I went to her house and she gave me the full tutorial on cloth diapering in the 21st century. It's pretty cool. She's awesome.

Anyway, I just started my baby on cloth at the beginning of this month, because her thighs were finally big enough so that poop and pee wouldn't leak. It's been pretty fun. Definitely more colorful than the basic Pampers. :) It's a little harder to tell if she's wet, but I really like the fact that I'm not putting more waste into the landfill.

The whole system is so economically friendly, too. You can get a full diaper set for your baby and use the same set until he/she is potty trained (and even use the same set your your 2nd baby!)...all for less than $400, depending on the brand you go with.

Pretty awesome, huh? Yay, going back to nature and saving money!

(I use a combination of the GroVia diapers and Fuzzibunz...I love them.)

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