Aren't you glad you aren't Arranged?

After my husband and I subscribed to Netflix (because we were getting a little cabin fever while our daughter was napping), we decided to make sure we watched movies we wouldn't normally watch. My husband found Arranged, a cute little independent film about two women who both have to go through the process of finding a mate by being arranged. They become friends through the process. There's a bit about acceptance of people not by stereotypes (because one woman is Orthodox Jew and the other Muslim). It's a really cute movie.

Anyway, it made me thankful that I was allowed to choose my own husband. Throughout the whole pregnancy and then raising the baby, I am continually awed by how attached he is to our daughter. It is a delight to see him cooing with her and kissing her chubby cheeks (and even changing diapers!). He's the best thing God put in my life. And I love him.

That said, imagine trusting your parents or even a Yenta to make the marriage decision for you. Yikes! I totally respect all of the cultures that still do this. It is amazing.

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