Get Clean!


A few years ago, my friend Christy introduced me to Shaklee Get Clean products. They're cleaning products that don't use chemicals, so they're safe for the environment. They boast that Jacque Cousteau used them aboard his ship and, when he was done cleaning, just dumped everything overboard into the ocean.

While I'm not a crazy cleaner (meaning I can go weeks without wiping down, vacuuming, dusting anything), I really like their philosophy. I mean, do you want your kids and/or pets inhaling chemical fumes and touching it and sticking the residue into their mouths? I don't think so. Shaklee is a healthier way to live.

I love the wipes...they're so easy to use. Also, Shaklee recently came out with a Brita/Pur-like water pitcher filter. It's awesome. It makes the water taste so much better than Brita or Pur (because it filters tap water better). In Arizona, the tap doesn't taste so great.

Anyway, I hate to sound like an advertisement, but if you're interested in purchasing or trying Shaklee, just let me know!

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