Would you like to go for Bubble Tea sometime?


Most Sundays, we're out in Chandler...usually for church...and we try to make it a point to stop at Lollicup Coffee & Tea for "boba" afterward. All my Asian friends know what boba is, but you might not. You might hear the term "boba" and think, Boba Fett...from Star Wars? Why do they want to meet him for lunch? Isn't he fictional?

When people talk about boba, they're referring to a milk tea or juice drink that comes with large tapioca balls that are brown and chewy. You use a enlarged straw to drink the tea and the boba at the same time. Once it's in your mouth, you swallow the tea and chew on the boba. It's also called "bubble milk tea."

Yes, it sounds weird, but it is SO good. And originally from Taiwan, my parents' home country.

My favorite flavor is Almond Milk tea, which tastes like Almond jello (another Asian delicacy).

If you haven't had it, you should try it. It's yum. :)

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