New Year's resolutions 2012

Happy New Year (13 days late)!!!  I hope you all had a fulfilling 2011 and are striving toward new things in 2012.
I have made a few New Year's resolutions...some of which are the same as last year's (shh! don't tell)
1) To work on my "brand"  
   At the end of last year, I went to a helpful writer's conference hosted by the Desert Rose chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA).  And one of the workshops, taught by Amber Scott, was about branding yourself through the social media.  So, I'm on a mission to find my seven brand words this year.

2) To write at least 1 hour per week (not including blog posts and emails)
   With this little cutie occupying all of my spare time, and for good reason...

I find that I absolutely must schedule time to write.  One hour per week may not seem like a lot, but anything is better than nothing.

3) To blog regularly
   One thing I hate when I blogstalk other people, is when they inconsistently post.  hahaha...I'm so guilty of that.  So, I'm going to post at least 2 days per week, instilling Grammar Lesson Mondays and TGIF.
  Grammar Lesson Mondays--I have a passion for proper grammar and cringe whenever I see something wrong.  These small lessons and tips will help the world become a better place.  :D
  TGIF--I live for the weekends.  I wish to post updates about my writing progress on Fridays.

And hopefully, there will be small posts and updates in between.  If not, at least there will be something posted regularly.  :)

4) Finish writing my work in progress (aka. the sequel)
  Although, at this point, I'm thinking about making this book the beginning of a new series and having The Prophecy Box be a prequel...which I'm also thinking about rewriting (#newsflash).  But that is a pretty new idea that's been brewing.

Anyway, I hope you can join me as I try to keep my new writerly goals.  :)
Happy New Year!

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