Grammar Lesson Monday: Me

Welcome to Grammar Lesson Monday!
This continuous series will address many common grammar mistakes made in the media and that I've seen more than once.  I strive to make the world a better place with good grammar.

Today, we will learn when to use "me."

"Me" is usually used after the verb.
My mom took my friend and me to the mall.

"Me" is usually used in prepositional phrases.
He is so much better at basketball than me.
Between you and me, we should tell the whole world about me.
After she spoke to me, she went to the bathroom to hurl.  haha.

"Me" is never used as the subject of a sentence (meaning before a verb).
Incorrect: Me and my friend went to the store.
Correct: My friend went to the store with me. <- using a prepositional phrase
Correct: My friend took me to the store. <- using after the verb

That's it for today.  Celebrate good grammar!

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