Grammar Lesson Monday: Using Quotations

Welcome to Grammar Lesson Monday!
This continuous series will address many common grammar mistakes made in the media and that I've seen more than once.  I strive to make the world a better place with good grammar.

Today, we will learn about when to use quotations.
I got my reference for this here.

You use quotation marks for directly quoting people, poetry, other published work...and for written dialogue (he said, she said stuff).  This stuff is pretty obvious.
The list below is for the lesser known quotation uses:
  • Titles of short or minor works
  • Songs
  • Short Stories
  • Essays
  • Short Poems
  • One Act Plays
  • Other literary works shorter than a three act play or complete book
  • Titles of sections from longer works
  • Chapters in books
  • Articles in newspapers, magazines, or journals
  • Episodes of television and radio series

That's it for today.  Celebrate good grammar!

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