TGIF & Happy Endings

So, I've decided to add "& (insert subject)" to my TGIF posts, so it's not so hard for me to figure out what I've already blogged about when I'm thinking up post topics.  ha...silly me...let's make blogging easier, huh?

And I missed posting last Friday.  Sorry!

Did you know there is a TV show called Happy Endings?  I saw the promos for it a couple years ago and it made me laugh at the title because my blog is of the same name.  I finally decided to check it out on hulu.

It's pretty funny.  Very silly.  Very witty.  It's like a Friends for the 21st century!  They even recycle some basic Friends plots.

Equate (Happy Endings, Friends)
  Jane = Monica
  Brad = Chandler
  Alex = Rachel
  Dave = Ross
  Penny = Phoebe
  Max = Joey

They even have an episode in Season 2 (Valentine's Day, I believe) where Brad gets drunk and starts calling his friends by their Friends-counterpart names.

Have you seen it?  Does it remind you of Friends, too?

Weekly Writing Progress: I haven't had as much time to write the past couple of weeks.  Our nanny and my husband were out of town (not together, ha), so I had to manage Emma by myself...which left little time to write.  However, I am back on track this week and have almost finished editing/re-writing the 2nd chapter in Part 2.  :)

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