Grammar Lesson Monday: "Watch where you walk..."

Welcome to Grammar Lesson Monday!
This continuous series will address many common grammar mistakes made in the media and that I've seen more than once.  I strive to make the world a better place with good grammar.

Today, we are going to deviate a little from the normal lesson format.  It's grammar related, so I figure I could vent here.  :D

There is this sign in the stairwell at work that has a picture of a cell phone and says, "Watch where you walk, not where you talk."
Sounds good, right?  Wrong.  It doesn't make any sense!

Of course, you should watch where you walk.  That part is fine.
Then, it says you shouldn't watch where you talk.  That part is wrong.  Isn't that saying the same thing as watching where you walk?

It should read: Watch where you walk, not what you talk.
Meaning, you should pay more attention to where you're walking and not to what you're saying into the phone...lest you trip and take a tumble down the stairs.

Am I right or am I right?

That's it for today.  Celebrate good grammar!

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