TGIF & Shutterfly

I've been racking my brain for something to talk about today, and it finally came to me as I was getting ready to start a photo book for my little lambie (to document her first year of life...and so it will be less of a hassle when it's her first birthday and all I'll need to do is to add the last two months).  
Have you heard of Shutterfly?  It's an awesome online photo site where you can upload your pictures and print them out in ordinary picture form or design calendars or create photo books.

I believe it is superior to Snapfish, which does the same things.

I used to be a major scrapbooker, and I still have the stash in my guest room to prove it.  But with all of my time being focused on my little lambie, scrapbooking has totally fallen off the backburner.

Enter Shutterfly and their photo books.

It's such an easy way to document memories, and you can exercise your creative scrapbooking style by "custom-building" your own photo book.  The quality is decent for the price (usually about $20-30 for 20 pages, depending on the style.)  Search for coupon deals (there is always free shipping or 20% off).
And you'll have a memory book to keep forever!

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