TGIF & Macarons

(my macarons survived a flight from San Francisco!)

I'm back from a little vacation in San Francisco (Emma's second flight this year)!  It was relaxing, fun, touristy, and we got to spend time with my sister, which was lovely.

It made me realize how different we live in the suburbs of Arizona.  City life is so crazy and awesome!  Restaurants on every corner.  Walking distance to the buses/metro/subway system.  Ridiculous traffic and one-way streets.

Oh, and the cooler weather, so nice!  We were wearing long sleeves almost everyday.

Since I celebrated my birthday there, my one request was to eat French macarons (not to be confused with macaroons).  San Fran has the best macarons I've ever tasted (besides in Paris...but who can afford to go there all the time?).  So, in my mind, macarons = San Francisco!

They are so good.  So expensive, but so good.  Ten times better than cupcakes.  :)
Do you have a favorite food that you associate with a destination city?

Note: I've yet to see a bakery in Arizona that sells these.  Are there any?

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