TGIF & a Comeback!

It's FRIDAY!  And I'm in the mood to post!  (A miracle.)

So, what have I been doing for the past 2 years since I stopped posting?
Reading, guilt-tripping because I haven't posted in X days, writing, procrastinating, having a second baby, potty training my toddler, writing, binging on The Big Bang Theory, getting hooked on Young Living essential oils, writing, joining a new book club, saying good-bye to a member of my writer's group (*sniff* Clarissa), editing, editing, editing, removing The Prophecy Box from Amazon and distribution, saying hello to a new member of my writer's group (Hi, Brenda!), writing, obsessing over CAbi clothes, working my day job, pumping milk so I can continue to nurse my baby, cheering my cousin Kelly Kin and her work on the How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie, not cleaning my house, praying for my friend Christy and her 3yo who has skin cancer, writing, starting a binge on Veronica Mars, counting my blessings, enjoying my children, celebrating 9 years of marriage with my husband, and writing, writing, writing.


The biggest news: I FINISHED MY BOOK (the sequel) (The Sisters of Odessa) late December 2013.

Since then, I've been editing like crazy. I've cut almost 150 pages (!!!) and am putting finishing touches on Part 1 (of 3).  I still need to cut about 100 more pages.  Yes, the first draft was way too long.

If you're reading this because I posted a video reading an excerpt from The Sisters of Odessa, hooray!  If you're reading this because you are a faithful follower, I am so blessed by you.

Here's to new beginnings! *clink*

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