TGIF & Changes

I've been mulling "change" for the last month...and especially in this last week.
I took a step toward a new career direction (adding to my full time job), and I'm scared, but excited...unsure whether this is the right thing for me and my family. It takes a lot more of my time--see lack of regularly scheduled blog posts--and a lot more dedication. So, we will see where this new direction takes me. Hopefully, it grows me as a person and helps me reach a goal that I've set.

In other news, I started a new story. I needed a change from fantasy, from Odessa, from editing! This change is something I am more secure and confident about. The story is fun, not necessarily "new" in concept, but contemporary and themed by the title, and has a spunky Asian main character. 
That's a big step for me. I've only written ONE story with an Asian main character (unpublished)...TWO if you count Odessa (editing...90% done).

With the We Need Diverse Books movement, I thought, I'm a multicultural author. I have a non-Caucasian perspective that I can offer to children that can be valuable. So, why not create a story with a non-Caucasian lead, addressing non-Caucasian issues? I know it's not technically right to capitalize on movements like this to make myself more marketable, but why not try it? We'll see how it goes!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. Karen,
    Life does have a habit of getting in the way of writing and the other things we want to do.

    I agree, we need more books with a multicultural perspective, because it helps all of us realize with have many things in common. They also help us to understand, accept, and have empathy for each others' differences. I just finished reading a really good book with an African American male as the main character.

    Thanks for a great article, Karen.