TGIF & Arbonne

Well, friends, it's the last post of the year. And my last post of the month on 5 Scribes, my writers' group blog.

It's been a crazy busy last two months. That "new direction" that I alluded to in my last post, I started a home business with Arbonne. And it has been occupying my whole brain, so much so that I have forgotten SO many things...my son's doctor's appointment, my regularly scheduled Friday posts, sometimes forgetting I have laundry in the washing machine so that I have to wash it twice. I haven't written in a while, which is kind of sad, but I also feel like the break is good for me. It's been nice to get away from the Sisters story...and editing.

Is the whole Arbonne obsession healthy? I'm not sure.

The good news is that business is going really well.

I met Artemio Carpio at Superstition Farms' Moo-ey Christmas last Saturday as an Arbonne vendor. He works in Wardrobe with the whole Castle cast!!! I have mentioned Castle before; my husband and I even got our parents hooked on the series.

Artemio showed me pictures of Beckett's wedding dress, all glowy and backlit. I asked him about the beginning of season 3, when Kate looks pregnant, that Stana (mentioned like she was a dear friend) liked drap-y eternity scarves. But when they got news back that people thought she looked pregnant, the drape was off her wardrobe. He said Nathan Fillion will talk your ear off about Firefly any day.
I wish I had asked Artemio for his contact info! But if he sees this, THANK YOU!!! It was the highlight of my December!

Anyway, I can see God providing help here and there for me to reach my Arbonne goals. I am unsure what direction he is planning to take me (and my family).

But it is all very exciting.
So, I raise my hands to the Creator and surrender to his plan for my life.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas full of hope and promise.

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