TGIF! and #58 Put up E's sticker tree

Hooray, it's Friday again.  :)

I'm trying to be more conscious about my goals on my 101 in 1001 days list.  I figure I really should start making an effort to cross things off, otherwise I'll get to May 2014 and not have much done.  I am so one of those annoying people who love lists and 5-year-plans.

A couple weeks ago, I did one: #58 Put up E's sticker tree.

I've had the tree wall decal from Nouvelle Images since before she was born and finally put it up.  It took so long partially because the decal needed re-arranging (and I wanted the tree to be round on top versus slanted like their example, which required a pair of scissors and tape) and partially because whenever I thought about putting it up, Emma was taking a nap (#counterproductive).  Anyway, I'm really happy with the way it looks.

Next, I want to put up Psalm 139:14 right next to it.  It's my husband's favorite Psalm.  :)

Weekly Writing Progress: I had a chance to host a writing session with my writers group.  (We decided that we needed dedicated weekly writing sessions in addition to our monthly meeting...a great idea!)  It was interesting, balancing Emma with sitting down to write a little on the ol' laptop.  I do plan on critiquing my new Ch.1 the next time we meet in March.  Progress!

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